Covid-related Attorney Websites

Given below are links to several attorneys who have been active is the battle to expose the Covid fraud, and provide relief from horrendous governmental overreach by those who are overseeing and implementing the Covid fraud. (Atty. Tom Renz, Covid legal) (Atty. Jeff Childers) (Dr. Richard Fleming) (Dr. David Clements,former NM State Law Professor)

Reiner Fuellmich Websites:

Attorney Fuellmich is part of a world-wide group of physicians, scientists and lawyers who are setting the stage for the onset of trials for “crimes against humanity”. They are collecting damning information on many people involved in the world-wide Covid fraud, and exploring the optimal sites for such trials to take place. Clearly such sites would have to be able to apply resulting penalties as warranted. Fuellmich is noted in the past for exposing and successfully prosecuting corruption in both Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank. (Nuremberg 2.0 covid) (Corona Committee,Dr. Reiner Fuellmich) (Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (auf Deutsch)) (Reiner Fuellmich Bitchute Videos)

David Martin Websites:

Dr. Martin is an expert in bio-weapons, world-wide. He has in-depth knowledge of patents and their use in bio-weaponry. He has testified before congress on multiple occasions, re-organized procedures in the US Patent Office to decrease the possibility of fraud, and has prepared a yearly book for the US government on the status of bio-weapons around the world. (David Martin, anti-Cabal) (Contacting David Martin for Appearance) (David Martin – Putting Humanity Back into Humans) (Dr. David E. Martin M-Cam) (Dr. David Martin)