Concerns About Covid-19 “Vaccines”

Draft: 2021-06-28

This webpage is designed to covey deep concerns about misinformation, fraud and significant danger associated with the Covid pandemic and the “vaccines” created to purportedly protect people from the Covid virus. Given below are links to two June 2021 videos which cover the essence of the concerns. Much more similar information is available elsewhere.

Note: A new and important paper on “vaccine” side-effects has surfaced in late June. Links provided below.

Two Important Videos for Understanding Covid

The first video features a former VP of Pfizer Dr. Michael Yeadon:

Our Last Chance – Warning to Humanity from Former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon (57:16)

He seems to be “giving his all” to proclaim the truth about the threat to mankind of what is going on relative to Covid.

Note: Towards the end of June 2021, there was increasing (fabricated?) alarm expressed over an apparently new and dangerous form of Covid-19 given the title “Variant-D”. It is very important that you carefully listen to Dr. Yeadon starting at 32:50. Ask yourself whether the people and organizations spreading the alarm are as knowledgeable as Dr. Yeadon, and should you find someone like that, consider what they might gain from the “need” for additional vaccines to deal with this variant. And keep in mind that among the most alarming aspects of the massive fraud associated with Covid-19 has been the comprehensive inflation of infection counts at all stages of the Plandemic.

The only drawback to the Yeadon video is that while he issues dire warnings about the safety of the “vaccines” and makes the suggestion that they might well be part of deliberate genocide, he doesn’t provide details about dangerous side effects.

That leads a second video where the participants DO get into details about side effects. It is mostly very technical, but they itemize a number of likely problems, including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS and other autoimmune diseases. Here’s the video:

Joseph Mercola, Stephanie Seneff, and Judy Mikovits ‘The many ways Covid SHOTs can HARM your Health’ (1:18:44)

Fortunately there is also attached a searchable transcript of the discussion:

Transcript – Dr. Mercola, Judy Mikovits, Stephanie Seneff

One thing they emphasize is that the more doses of the “vaccine” a person gets, the more likely and sooner side effects will occur.

In terms of VAERS, they report that as of early June 2021 there were about 5,000 reported deaths from the “shots”, but they also point out that VAERS generally only reports from 10% to as little as 1% of actual occurrences.

However, towards the end of the video, there is some good news from both of the scientists being interviewed. Both Dr. Stephanie Seneff and Dr. Judy Mikovits state that there are therapies that might be useful in mitigating the damage caused by the spike protein and other foreign entities contained in the “shots”. Hopefully that information will soon be available in layman’s language.

NOTE: An important paper on side effects – late June 2021

Here is Steve Kirsch’s important paper. It is long and seemingly more like a draft rather than a finished product, but readable and comprehensive. It can be life-changing, if read.

Should you get vaccinated? – Steve Kirsch

Here are a few video clips dealing with this paper, extracted from a 3-hour Dr. Bret Weinstein interview with investigative reporter Steve Kirsch and the inventor of mRNA therapy Dr. Robert Malone:

Spike protein is very dangerous it’s cytotoxic Robert Malone Steve Kirsch Bret Weinstein (15:32)

Informed consent and reproductive toxicity of vaccines (Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch, Bret Weinstein) (17:12)

Pfizer data REVEAL – Where do the lipid nanoparticles collect Robert Malone Steve Kirsch Bret W (11:24)

Don’t come back until your lips are blue Robert Malone Steve Kirsch Bret Weinstein (11:32)

The Usual Suspects

Of course one can find a multitude of the “usual suspects” of webpages attempting to “cancel” both Yeadon and Mikovits, especially Mikovits. However, there seem to be fewer “cancel” websites attacking Seneff, even though she and Mikovits appear to agree across the board. And it’s not just these websites; it’s the mainstream media as well, along with the “Deep State” which purse cancelling of all voices contradicting their narratives.

Note that these cancel websites take on ALL serious conservatives, election fraud exposers, and anti-Marxist individuals. So one must decide who to believe.

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