Climate Change Realism – Overview

This webpage is designed to provide an introduction to some of the most knowledgeable and articulate Climate Realists who provide honesty, rationality and scientific expertise to lay to rest the inauthentic claims emanating from the Climate Alarmism movement. While six individuals are mentioned here, there are many more that could have been included. However, these cover the range of issues that need to be addressed to establish and support a realistic view of world climate, for the past, present, and future.

Also included are links to several videos addressing several selected important topics. Links are also provided to useful Climate Realism websites, which provide ongoing content related to scientific and political activities related to climate.

An in-depth exploration of the political aspects of Climate Alarmism is found in this webpage.

Six Prominent Climate Realists

Given in the following are links to a single video providing an example of the thinking of six of the important Climate Realists. Many more videos of these people may be found on YouTube, and articles and links to books and videos may be found in the Climate Realism websites listed below.

Leading Climate Realist Patrick Michaels

Patrick Michaels – Senior fellow in the Center for Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. He is also a senior fellow with the CO2 Coalition in Arlington, VA.

Brilliant Analysis of Climate Change by Top Expert IPCC Climatologist – Dr. Patrick Michaels (36:36)

Mark Levin interviews Climate Change Realist Patrick Michaels concerning the science and politics of Climate Change Alarmism. Michaels is co-author of this light but serious book, Lukewarming – The New Climate Science that Changes Everything.

Greenhouse Gas Expert William Happer

American physicist who has specialized in the study of atomic physics, optics and spectroscopy. He is the Cyrus Fogg Brackett Professor of Physics, Emeritus, at Princeton University. He is also Board director for the CO2 Coalition, a non-profit organization which educates thought leaders, policy makers, and the public about the important contribution made by carbon dioxide to our lives and the economy.

Video – Dr. Will Happer – Delingpod 49 (33:24)

(From YouTube) Top physicist, expert on high-energy lasers, and anthropogenic climate change skeptic Will Happer tells James about the global warming scam.

Journalist and Author Marc Morano

Marc Morano is a former Republican political aide who founded and runs the website ClimateDepot is a project of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, a Washington, D.C. non-profit that promotes the truth about climate change. He has also produced a documentary film Climate Hustle which exposes the climate hysteria.

He also testified at a contentious Pennsylvania Climate hearing on October 28, 2019.

Climate Crisis HOAX EXPOSED – Marc Morano (59:20)

Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore (born 1947) is a Canadian activist, and former president of Greenpeace Canada. Since leaving Greenpeace, Moore has criticized the environmental movement for what he sees as scare tactics and disinformation, saying that the environmental movement “abandoned science and logic in favor of emotion and sensationalism.” Dr. Moore earned a PhD in Ecology from the University of British Columbia.

Patrick Moore – The Power of Truth (1:24:28)

(From YouTube) Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore gives a keynote address to the Economic Education Association of Alberta’s 6th annual “Freedom School” conference, on “Things that Matter: An Agenda for Alberta”, about changing the world by speaking the truth – in this case about the science, policy and politics of man-made global warming.

Astrophysicist and aerospace engineer Dr. Willie Soon

(From Willie Soon is a geophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. He received his Ph.D. (with distinction) in aeronautical engineering from the University of Southern California, and he has been Astronomer at the Mount Wilson Observatory; Senior Scientist at the George C. Marshall Institute; Senior Visiting Fellow at the State Key Laboratory of Marine Environmental Science at Xiamen University; and Professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Putra Malaysia. The author of 90 scientific papers, he has IEEE received the Nuclear & Plasma Sciences Society Award, Rockwell Dennis Hunt Award, Smithsonian Institution Award, Courage in Defense of Science Award, Petr Beckmann Award for Courage and Achievement in Defense of Scientific Truth and Freedom, and Frederick Seitz Memorial Award.

Dr Willie Soon demolishes the extreme weather panic and other hysterical arguments (38:00)

Clip from the Independent Institute speech video entitled “Global Warming – Fact or Fiction Featuring Physicists Willie Soon and Elliott Bloom.” The full video includes an excellent Q&A session.

Additional Climate Realists – 2019

Additional Climate Realists participated in two 2019 conferences sponsored by the Heartland Institute. Links to the presentations may be found in the following webpages:

Heartland Institute 13th International Conference on Climate Change

Climate Reality Forum at COP25 – December 3, 2019

Topical videos

Given below are video presentations dealing with several focused topics related to Climate Alarmism.

Unstoppable Solar Cycles – The Real Story of Greenland (11:20)

The correlation of the ice ages with solar activity over the past 2000 years is discussed, with specific focus on Greenland as an agricultural region prior to the latest ice age.

Hide The Decline – A Climategate Backgrounder (20:00)

(From YouTube) Dr. John Robson looks back on the 10th anniversary of the exposure of the scandalous “Climategate” decision to delete awkward data that contradicted the idea that settled science said we face a man-made global warming crisis.

The In-depth Story Behind a Climate Fraud (16:12)

This video provides many important details refuting the claim that 97% of climate scientists believe that the earth is warming, that human activity is a significant contributor, and that the situation is dangerous for the world. While there is little dispute that the world has been warming since the end of the “little ice age” in the 1800s, the amount of that warming which is caused by humans is not settled. However, whatever warming is happening is slight, and there is no cause for alarm and thus no need to modify human behavior to deal with the “lukewarming”.

The Catastrophe Question (10:16)

This video explains that the world not facing a climate emergency, but it is facing an impending climate POLICY problem that can negatively affect much of humanity. The slight bit of warming likely to take place in the next century will be of net benefit to humanity.

How Bad is CO2? (11:44)

(From YouTube) Dr. John Robson examines the vital question of how much warming CO2 really causes. How high is ECS (Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity), the amount of warming scientists expect if atmospheric CO2 doubles? And how fast will it happen? If both are high, we face a crisis. But if they’re not, there’s no need to panic. And recent research suggests they’re not.

Useful Climate Realism Websites

Climate Depot

Climate Depot is a project of the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), which was founded to promote a much-needed, positive alternative voice on issues of environment and development. Marc Morano is the founder of the Climate Depot website, which supports Climate Realism, and provides extensive and timely content.

Watts Up With That

(From About page) About Anthony: I’m the founder and editor of the world’s most viewed website on climate. I’m a former AMS Television Seal Holder (Seal 676 retired) television meteorologist who spent 25 years on the air and who also operates a weather technology and content business, as well as continues daily forecasting on radio, just for fun.

The Sensible Environmentalist

(From About page) Dr. Patrick Moore has been a leader in the international environmental field for over 30 years. He is a founding member of Greenpeace and served for nine years as President of Greenpeace Canada and seven years as a Director of Greenpeace International. As the leader of many campaigns Dr. Moore was a driving force shaping policy and direction while Greenpeace became the world’s largest environmental activist organization.

CO2 Coalition

(From About page) The CO2 Coalition was established in 2015 as a 501(c)(3) for the purpose of educating thought leaders, policy makers, and the public about the important contribution made by carbon dioxide to our lives and the economy. The Coalition seeks to engage in an informed and dispassionate discussion of climate change, humans’ role in the climate system, the limitations of climate models, and the consequences of mandated reductions in CO2 emissions.

Climate Discussion Nexus

(From About Us page) The Climate Discussion Nexus is a group of concerned Canadians who believe more information about climate science and policy debates will lead to better decisions.

Friends of Science

(From About page) Our Goal: To educate the public about climate science and through them bring pressure to bear on governments to engage in public debates on the scientific merits of the hypothesis of human induced global warming and the various policies that intend to address the issue.

Our Opinion: It is our opinion that the Sun is the main direct and indirect driver of climate change.

Climatism: Tracking Anthropogenic Climate Alarmism

(From blog) ALARMISM is excessive or exaggerated alarm about a real or imagined threat e.g. the increases in deaths from infectious disease. The alarmist prefers intimidation and coercion to reasoned debate, and is often motivated by the desire to bring themselves to the forefront of discussion.

CLIMATE alarmism can be described as the use of a linguistic repertoire which communicates climate change using inflated language, an urgent tone and imagery of doom.

ALARMISM is fundamental to the human induced climate change narrative. Stories of boiling seas, frying cities, disease, famine, tornadoes, floods and hurricanes are the marketing tools used to garner the attention of the masses, lulling people’s fear into a state of climate guilt, with the aim of pushing policy makers into “climate action – now.”

GWPF: Global Warming Policy Foundation

(From blog) The Global Warming Policy Foundation is unique. We are an all-party and non-party think tank and a registered educational charity which, while open-minded on the contested science of global warming, is deeply concerned about the costs and other implications of many of the policies currently being advocated.

Books Critiquing Climate Change

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change

(From Amazon) Less freedom. More regulation. Higher costs. Make no mistake: those are the surefire consequences of the modern global warming campaign waged by political and cultural elites, who have long ago abandoned fact-based science for dramatic fearmongering in order to push increased central planning. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change gives a voice — backed by statistics, real-life stories, and incontrovertible evidence — to the millions of “deplorable” Americans skeptical about the multibillion dollar “climate change” complex, whose claims have time and time again been proven wrong.

Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout: The Making of a Sensible Environmentalist

(From Amazon) Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout: The Making of a Sensible Environmentalist is Dr. Patrick Moore’s engaging firsthand account of his many years spent as the ultimate Greenpeace insider, a co-founder and leader in the organization’s top committee. Moore explains why, 15 years after co-founding it, he left Greenpeace to establish a more sensible, science-based approach to environmentalism. From energy independence to climate change, genetic engineering to aquaculture, Moore sheds new light on some of the most controversial subjects in the news today.

Rupert Darwall – Green Tyranny: Exposing the Totalitarian Roots of the Climate Industrial Complex

(From Amazon) Rupert Darwall’s Green Tyranny traces the alarming origins of the green agenda, revealing how environmental scares have been deployed by our global rivals as a political instrument to contest American power around the world.

Drawing on extensive historical and policy analysis, this timely and provocative book offers a lucid history of environmental alarmism and failed policies, explaining how “scientific consensus” is manufactured and abused by politicians with duplicitous motives and totalitarian tendencies.

Patrick Michaels: Lukewarming – The New Climate Science that Changes Everything

(From Amazon) In Lukewarming, two environmental scientists explain the science and spin behind the headlines and come to a provocative conclusion: climate change is real, and partially man-made, but it is becoming obvious that far more warming has been forecast than will occur, with some of the catastrophic impacts implausible or impossible. Global warming is more lukewarm than hot. This fresh analysis is an invaluable source for those looking to be more informed about global warming and the data behind it.

John Abbot (Ed): Climate Change – The Facts

(From Amazon) Tirelessly promoted by princes, presidents, actors and activists, “climate change” has become a dominant theme of global politics. But what’s really going on as the “pause” in global warming prepares to enter its third decade? In this new anthology, leading scientists and commentators from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia consider the climate from every angle – the science, the policy and the politics.

Mark Steyn: A Disgrace to the Profession

(From Amazon) The “hockey stick” graph of global temperatures is the single most influential icon in the global-warming debate, promoted by the UN’s transnational climate bureaucracy, featured in Al Gore’s Oscar-winning movie, used by governments around the world to sell the Kyoto Accord to their citizens, and shown to impressionable schoolchildren from kindergarten to graduation.

And yet what it purports to “prove” is disputed and denied by many of the world’s most eminent scientists. In this riveting book, Mark Steyn has compiled the thoughts of the world’s scientists, in their own words, on hockey-stick creator Michael E Mann, his stick and their damage to science. From Canada to Finland, Scotland to China, Belgium to New Zealand, from venerable Nobel Laureates to energetic young researchers on all sides of the debate analyze the hockey stock and the wider climate wars it helped launch.

An Inconvenient Deception: How Al Gore Distorts Climate Science and Energy Policy

(From Amazon) Updated 2nd Edition: Al Gore’s new movie An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power is reviewed for its accuracy in climate science and energy policy. As was the case with Gore’s first movie (An Inconvenient Truth), the movie is bursting with bad science, bad policy and some outright falsehoods.

Gregory Wrightstone: Inconvenient Facts – The science that Al Gore doesn’t want you to know

(From Amazon) You have been inundated with reports from media, governments, think tanks and ”experts” saying that our climate is changing for the worse and it is our fault. Increases in droughts, heat waves, tornadoes and poison ivy – to name a few – are all blamed on our “sins of emissions” from burning fossil fuels and increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Yet, you don’t quite buy into this human-caused climate apocalypse. You aren’t sure about the details because you don’t have all the facts and likely aren’t a scientist. Inconvenient Facts was specifically created for you. Writing in plain English and providing easily understood charts and figures, Gregory Wrightstone presents the science to assess the basis of the threatened Thermageddon.