Bevelyn Beatty

Bevelyn Beatty is a conservative Christian activist who expresses deep opposition to Marxism in our culture. Her focus is on the extreme damage done by Marxism to the black community, especially currently present in the activities and agenda of the Marxist, anti-Christian organization Black Lives Matter (BLM).

In the Spring and Summer of 2020, her opposition has been expressed in activities such as defacing murals on street surfaces that support BLM. She has also been involved in strenuous opposition to abortion clinics in predominately black communities, recognizing the aborting of black fetuses as a form of racial genocide. She also opposes the overreach of governmental entities relative to the Coronvirus phenomena, in particular focusing on “mask” mandates.

In this webpage, the focus is on the opposition to BLM.

Website: At The Well Prophetic Ministry

Two Late July 2020 Interviews and an Article

Bevelyn Beatty Painted Over Black Lives Matter While Declaring ‘Jesus Matters’ (33:38)

Bevelyn Beatty Painting Over Black Lives Matter Murals – An Interview With StatenIslander org (50:12)

Bevelyn Beatty Exclusive Interview: Crossing Out BLM Street Murals, Morals, and More

In Action at Trump Towers BLM Mural

In late July 2020, Bevelyn and a few others attempted to deface the BLM mural in from of Trump Tower in Manhattan. In the process, a fair amount of black paint was smeared across the mural, and Bevelyn and several others were arrested. However, their strong support of the police resulted in a very good outcome with the NYPD.

The first video is a live recording of some of what took place. The next two provide reflections on what took place, and the deeper meaning of BLM opposition in the spiritual realm.

We are going to take our country back! By any means necessary!!! #RiseUp #JesusMatters (12:49)

Bevelyn Reflecting on Previous Night’s Activity

About last night, want to give you a quick update… (20:19)

If you support BLM you hate Black people, Jesus, and or yourself! (18:03)

Bevelyn Announcing Law Suit for BLM Victims

Bevelyn feels that anyone who has been damaged by BLM-sponsored violence should be able to sue for damages.

Black Lives Matter class action suit.. (3:17)

In Action in Harlem and Brooklyn at BLM Murals

The following three videos are live recordings of nighttime mural defacement in Harlem and Brooklyn, also taken place in late July 2020.

Harlem DRIVE BY PAINTING #jesusmatters #trump2020 (1:09)

Harlem Drive By Painting #jesusmatters #trump2020 (4:53)

Brooklyn Drive-By Painting #jesusmatters #Trump2020 (7:31)

Sample Expressions of Gratitude for Opposition to BLM

Provided below are a few videos of people expressing gratitude for Bevelyn and her friends providing visible and confrontive opposition to BLM.

THANK YOU BEVELYN BEATTY FOR STANDING UP FOR AMERICA / #bevelynbeatty #walkaway #walkawaycampaign (6:03)

Bevelyn Beatty is a BEAST!! (5:01)

My Toughts on BEVELYN BEATTY Why I No Longer Suport the BLACK LIVES MATTER Movement (12:14)

On the Street Confrontations and Demonstrations

The following two videos – one short, and the other longer – are live recordings of confrontations and demonstrations opposing BLM and Leftist efforts to defund law enforcement, as well as the need to support President Trump’s re-election. Note in the longer video the expressed support for the police, and even singing Worship music to link that support with the Gospel. The nearby police seem genuinely moved by the support.

Bevelyn Beatty says, Republican Party is the party of the blacks! Democrats hate black people #BLM (2:07)

Jesus March in the Bronx! #JesusMatters (43:37)

Wide-ranging Thoughts Concerning Politics and the Christian Life

There are a number of areas addressed in this video, including support for some conspiratorial theories relative to Jeffrey Epstein and known politicians. Also, there is strong emphasis on gifts of the Holy Spirit that Christians can be blessed with.

#JesusMatters #BillClinton #ClintonBodyCount #maxwelldidntkillherself EXPOSE THE DEVIL! (1:11:01)