Introduction to Jonathan Pageau

(From his website) Jonathan Pageau graduated with honors from the Painting and Drawing program at Concordia University in Montreal during the late 1990s.

Quickly disillusioned with contemporary art, he discovered icons and traditional Christian images along his own spiritual journey. Rekindling his love of art through study of traditional forms, Jonathan develops a passion for wood carving. While living in Kenya for several years, he also discovers the properties of a certain type of steatite called Kisii stone.

Having studied Orthodox Theology and Iconology at the University of Sherbrooke, since 2003 Jonathan has been carving different types of liturgical objects. His carvings have been commissioned by priests, bishops and laypeople in the United States, Canada and in Europe. His work is also represented by major liturgical art companies including Desmarais & Robitaille in Canada and New World Byzantine Studios in the United States.

Jonathan is also one of editors and contributors s of the Orthodox Arts Journal and also teaches icon carving with Hexaemeron, a non-profit organization dedicated to the sacred-arts.


Sample videos

Orthodox Icon Carving (02:04)

Jonathan Pageau carves Eastern Orthodox Icons and other traditional Christian images in wood and stone in a desire to reconnect with the ancient spiritual traditions of Christianity.

2- Jonathan Pageau at Resurrection of Logos in Toronto, March 2017 (31:52)

Jonathan Pageau — who carves Eastern Orthodox Icons and other traditional Christian images in wood and stone — speaks at Orthodox Christian Fellowship of University of Toronto, on March 7, 2017. He refers to the origin of his friendship with Jordan Peterson, and then discusses in some detail his understanding of the Logos.

The Metaphysics of Pepe with Jonathan Pageau (31:20)

Jordan Peterson interviews Jonathan Pageau concerning Christian and mythical symbology as it related to both artistic rendering and also metaphysical implications.

God, Pepe, & Petersonianism (with Jonathan Pageau) (46:00)

Jonathan Pageau is interviewed by James Fox Higgins, a former atheist who came to Christ in part because Jordan Peterson destroyed the intellectual arguments for atheistic belief.

Background to Lecture VIII РAbrahamic Stories, with Matthieu & Jonathan Pageau (1:25:60)

Jordan Peterson reaches out to friend Jonathan Pageau and his brother Matthieu to discuss Biblical symbology in relation to the Abrahamic stories in Genesis. This discussion took place a few hours before Peterson’s 8th lecture on the psychological significance of the Biblical stories.

Intersectionality, individuality and the hero – a discussion with Jonathan Pageau (1:05:12)

Jordan Peterson reaches out to friend Jonathan Pageau concerning the symbolic and Christian perspectives on Intersectionality as well as Hero narratives.

Jordan Peterson and Contemporary Christianity Discussion with Paul VanderKlay (1:07:44)

Jonathan Pageau interviews prolific Peterson vlogger, Christian Reformed Church pastor Paul Vanderklay. Both had spent time as Christian missionaries in third world countries. The Jordan Peterson phenomena is discussed at length, especially as it relates to Christianity. In the end, Pageau assures Vanderklay that Peterson is a heretic, in terms of orthodox Christianity.

Milo, Jordan Peterson and The Symbolic Worldview. Discussing with Rachel Fulton Brown (1:42:16)

Jonathan Pageau interviews University of Chicago History professor Rachel Fulton Brown, self-described as an Entish Presby-Catholic medievalist. They discuss Brown’s friendship with Milo Yiannopoulos, as well as Jordan Peterson’s relationship to Christianity. Prof. Brown has also recently written an article on Jordan Peterson and Roman Catholicism entitled Who wants to be a Heretic?

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