Janice Fiamengo – Introduction

Janice Fiamengo is a Canadian Professor, since 2009 in the Department of English at the University of Ottawa. She is a declared anti-feminist, defender of freedom speech and campaigner for the right to dissent.


The Fiamengo File Trailer (01:20)

An introduction to the Youtube video series exposing contemporary Feminism, by University of Ottawa English professor and anti-Feminist Janice Fiamengo.

Why I Am An Anti-Feminist – The Fiamengo File, Episode 1 (11:58)

Must-see video, explaining the concerns that Professor Fiamengo has with academic Feminism.

Feminism, A Victim Mentality Disorder – TFF Episode 29 (17:49)

And expose of the extreme sense of victimhood taught to female students by zealous Feminist faculty.

Feminism Wants Your Soul – The Fiamengo File, Episode 8 (10:36)

Janice Fiamengo reveals the debilitating damage that Feminism can create for men who come into contact with it.

Women In The Military – The Fiamengo File Episode 13 (10:06)

Janice Fiamengo discusses the issue of women in the military, dealing with strength, courage, and actual effectiveness or lack thereof.

What If Men Are Smarter – TFF Episode 56 (19:44)

Janice Fiamengo explores the differences between men and women, comparing what true science shows vs. the equality that Feminists want.

Social Justice at work

Save Us from Social Justice – TFF Episode 54 (11:27)

Janice Fiamengo describes the totalitarian darkness created by Social Justice, as it is applied in Canada.

When a Divinity School goes SJW – TFF Episode 65 (13:48)

Janice Fiamengo discusses Duke Divinity School professor Paul Griffiths, Warren professor of Catholic theology, who offered his resignation in May 2017 following several disputes with other faculty members about racial equity training and the culture of academic freedom in the school.

Social Justice Warriors in action (warning – language)

The Revolutionary Stupid Movement – TFF Episode 25 (12:47)

Anti-feminist Janice Fiamengo exposes the anti-intellectual behavior of progressive student radicals on Canadian university campuses.

Institutions of Higher Indoctrination (34:16)

Very disturbing examples of hyper-fanatic opposition to any speech opposing the Feminist narratives.

Pessimistic summary

Gad Saad interview of Janice Fiamengo – Conclusion (8:53)

Conclusion of Janice Fiamengo interview by politically incorrect evolutionary behavioral scientist Gad Saad. They conclude that Feminism will not autocorrect, and that cultural decline will ultimately devolve into violence.

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