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Janice Fiamengo is a Canadian Professor, since 2009 in the Department of English at the University of Ottawa. She is a declared anti-feminist, defender of freedom speech and campaigner for the right to dissent.


DON’T BE THAT FEMINIST! Outrage greets a campaign that dares to imply that women and men can both be victims.

Janice Fiamengo cites the difficulties in convincing academia that men’s issues deserve a place on campus as well as women’s issues.

Was Feminism Always Bad?

Janice Fiamengo examines historical women’s-rights movements over the past 100+ years and detects elements of overreach even in the earliest and most needed movements.

Speeches and interviews

Janice Fiamengo, PhD. Political Correctness in Academia (6:29)

Dr. Fiamengo provides examples of political correctness intolerance on some Canadian campuses. Of course she’s just addressing the tip of the iceberg.

Institutions of Higher Indoctrination (34:16)

Very disturbing examples of hyper-fanatic opposition to any speech opposing the Feminist narratives.

What’s Equality Got To Do With It – Dr. Janice Fiamengo at Queen’s University (53:08)

What’s Equality Got To Do With It, Q&A – Dr. Janice Fiamengo (56:44)

This lecture on Men’s Issues and Feminism’s Double Standard was delivered at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario in March of 2014. The Q&A following the lecture exhibited great disagreement with the issues that Professor Fiamengo raised. Amazingly, however, there was a fairly civil behavior on the part of the audience, as opposed to what usually takes place when a speaker opposes the Leftist narrative.

My Chat with Janice Fiamengo, Anti-Feminist Extraordinaire (THE SAAD TRUTH 168) (51:33)

Janice Fiamengo is interviewed by politically incorrect evolutionary behavioral scientist Gad Saad. They discuss various intellectual pathologies associated with contemporary Feminism.

The Fiamengo File videos

Why I Am An Anti-Feminist – The Fiamengo File, Episode 1 (11:58)

Must-see video, explaining the concerns that Professor Fiamengo has with academic Feminism.

The Safe Space Ploy – Fiamengo File Episode 5 (9:10)

Janice Fiamengo discusses university safe spaces as actually centers of power in suppressing politiclly incorrect speech. She correlates this with Herbert Marcuse’s “Repressive Tolerance.”

The Monstrous Male Gaze – Fiamengo File Episode 6 (12:05)

Janice Fiamengo discusses the absurd actions by Feminists to “criminalize” a man looking at a woman.

Feminism Wants Your Soul – The Fiamengo File, Episode 8 (10:36)

Janice Fiamengo reveals the debilitating damage that Feminism can create for men who come into contact with it.

The Man-Shaming Project – The Fiamengo File Episode 11 (14:09)

Janice Fiamengo laments the man-shaming produced by the Feminist movement.

Women In The Military – The Fiamengo File Episode 13 (10:06)

Janice Fiamengo discusses the issue of women in the military, dealing with strength, courage, and actual effectiveness or lack thereof.

The Revolutionary Stupid Movement – TFF Episode 25 (12:47)

Anti-feminist Janice Fiamengo exposes the anti-intellectual behavior of progressive student radicals on Canadian university campuses.

Feminist Terminology 1 – Gender – The Fiamengo File Episode 22 (15:10)

Anti-feminist Janice Fiamengo discusses negative aspects of radical feminism on Canadian campuses.

Feminist Terminology 2 – Lived Experience – TFF Episode 23 (12:21)

Anti-feminist Janice Fiamengo discusses negative aspects of radical feminism on Canadian campuses.

Feminist Terminology 3 – Privilege – TFF Episode 24 (15:47)

Anti-feminist Janice Fiamengo discusses negative aspects of radical feminism on Canadian campuses.

Feminist Terminology 4 – Structural Violence – TFF Episode 26 (9:54)

Anti-feminist Janice Fiamengo discusses negative aspects of radical feminism on Canadian campuses.

Feminist Terminology 5 – Microaggression – TFF Episode 27 (14:27)

Anti-feminist Janice Fiamengo discusses negative aspects of radical feminism on Canadian campuses.

Feminism, A Victim Mentality Disorder – TFF Episode 29 (17:49)

And expose of the extreme sense of victimhood taught to female students by zealous Feminist faculty.

Persecution at KSU – TFF Episode 28 (30:26)

The persecution of an honors student at Kennesaw State University in Georgia is discussed. The persecution resulted from his resistance to the Feminist dogma on campus.

The Gender Equity Boondoggle – TFF Episode 36 (14:09)

The immense cost of Feminist/Gender studies is decried, with further expansion always just around the corner.

The Myth Of Sexual Harassment – The Fiamengo File Episode 17 (13:52)

Jamice Fiamengo discusses the minute actions of men that Feminists label as sexual harassment. Rules of behavior on campuses and even in some business relative to male-female interaction are applied to the most minor incidents, creating a hostile envoronment for normal behavior.

Climate Of Fear – TFF Episode 38 (13:60)

Janice Fiamengo discusses the often unnecessary climate of fear created by Feminists relative to perceived sexual harrassment.

Why Academics Bow to the Mob – TFF Episode 48 (14:21)

The edition deals with a May 2016 visit of Milo Yiannopoulos to DePaul University in Chicago, where Black Lives Matter took over the platform, and would not allow Milo to speak. In the aftermath, the president of the university laid most of the blame on Milo’s provocative manner of speaking, even though he hadn’t stated to speak when the disruption began.

Academic Totalitarianism – TFF Episode 49 (16:35)

Professor Fiamengo from the University of Ottawa discusses the emergence of totalitarianism in academia.

Men Need Not Apply – TFF Episode 50 (12:30)

Janice Fiamengo discusses anti-Male policies in the hiring of faculty in academia.

Feminists Weigh in on Weight – TFF Episode 59 (12:16)

Janice Fiamengo discusses Feminist thinking on issues of weight, including “thin privilege” and “weightism”. She points out the irrationality of Feminists demonizing people who raise concerns about health effects of obesity.

Instructors Getting Dumber By the Day – TFF Episode 60 (12:28)

Janice Fiamengo laments the pitiful status of current academia dealing with Feminist issues. She cites corruption of research, evisceration of content, gutting of standards, and overt politicalization of subjects as major problems.

Support of Jordan Peterson and Free Speech

Call To Action For All Canadian Academics (3:28)

University of Ottawa anti-Feminist professor Janice Fiamengo makes a plea to Canadian academics to publicly come out in support of University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson in his battle against political correctness, and in favor of free speech.

Jordan Peterson and Freedom of Speech – TFF Episode 52 (20:26)

Anti-Feminist University of Ottawa professor Janice Fiamengo discusses the current battle for free speech being waged by Jordan Peterson at the University of Toronto.

Philistia, aka McMaster University, vs. Jordan Peterson – TFF Episode 61 (16:04)

Janice Fiamengo exposes the totalitarian actions of groups within McMaster Universtiy to ensure that Universtiy of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson would not be able to be heard at an event he was invited as the visiting speaker.

Ontario SJW Tribunal Trial

Janice Fiamengo SJW Tribunal Legal Fund (3:27)

A former student has accused Janice Fiamengo of a human rights violation which will go to trial before the Social Justice Tribunal of Ontario. The University of Ottawa is a co-defendant in this case and is of course represented by their own lawyer, but the accuser is demanding that the university punish Fiamengo.

SJW Tribunal Update With Janice Fiamengo Oct. 28, 2016 (12:45)

Janice Fiamengo’s video producer Steve Brule provides an update of the status of her trial, and also the results of fundraising for her legal fees.

Save Us from Social Justice – TFF Episode 54 (11:27)

Janice Fiamengo describes the totalitarian darkness created by Social Justice, as it is applied in Canada.

Conclusion of Gad Saad interview

Gad Saad interview of Janice Fiamengo – Conclusion (8:53)

Conclusion of Janice Fiamengo interview by politically incorrect evolutionary behavioral scientist Gad Saad. They conclude that Feminism will not autocorrect, and that cultural decline will ultim

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