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Mason’s distinctive point of view is a direct result of a past tragedy that has produced a present day triumph After approximately 2800 pounds of steel and iron plates fell on him, while on active naval duty in San Diego, California, the Navy classified him disabled and discharged him.

Mason found himself unskilled and disabled. He had to discover a new way of earning a living. After graduation from UC Berkeley with a degree in Political Science, he won a position with the US Department of Energy against 2,400 applicants for four job openings. Between 1976 and 1980 he was promoted from an entry level employee to a Mid Level Senior Contract Specialist with a “Confidential Security Clearance”. He negotiated many multi-million dollar government contracts with major contractors, including TRW, General Dynamics, and General Electric.

In 1980 Mason resigned to become an entrepreneur, forming a private consulting company to assist businesses in obtaining and administering government contracts. He has consulted with many multi-national companies on government and political issues. But Mason Weaver had to learn how to earn income, how business was achieved and how to teach others.

Mason has been the national and regional spokesperson for many groups and organizations. He is a noted conference speaker and guest lecture. Mason Weaver has appeared on national TV, cable and news programs. He is often contacted by national news organizations to comment on breaking stories.

Mason hosted a live call in radio program and wrote a weekly column on social and political issues. He soon became a sought after public speaker and lecturer. Mason is gifted with an extraordinary view of government and business.

Mason Weaver is the author of It’s OK to Leave the Plantation, The Rope, Diamond in the Rough, Polishing the Diamond in the Rough and Tribalism which discusses the social issues that affect us all and that bind us together. Noted for his quick wit, vigorous debate and forceful oratory, Mason is a challenge to the opposition and an instructive persuasive counselor to allies.

Mason Weaver Books

It’s OK to Leave the Plantation : The New Underground Railroad

This 1998 book discusses the “plantation mentality” that is causing Americans to become co-dependent. It is historical however does look at the authors personal journey from a Berekely militant to a conservative businessman.

Tribalism: The truth between the lies

A Black Gang member robs a store and is shot in this mysterious field call The Pass. He wakes up to find himself 150 years back in history during slavery. He has been shot by slavehunters escaping the plantation. He remembers the future and realized how much he has lost. He is now a slave and helpless. He has no control and no hope. The lessons Jordan learns could lead him back to freedom.

Recent Mason Weaver Videos

‘What happened to you black people’ (06:60)

Mason weaver contrasts the current state of dependency of many Black people compared with the hope and gains made during the Civil Rights movement, which was supposed to eliminate the barriers for Black people to become successful, with determination and hard work.

Black liberals are demanding a return to the plantation. (07:04)

Mason Weaver expresses his disdain for Black leadership which directs people to vote for Leftists, even though Leftists perpetuate the government plantation for many Blacks.

Mason Weaver exposes his gun on stage (32:00)

A speech by Mason Weaver at an entrepreneur boot camp.

Mexican ex-PRESIDENT FOX is a racist. And Mexico is a racist nation (07:24)

Mason Weaver exposes the racism of Mexico whereby White Spaniards are in charge, and the Aztec Indian population is taken advantage of.

NFL players This is your real message (12:56)

Mason Weaver notes that NFL kneeling protests by millionaire Black players is actually an admission of inferiority, whereby they protesters are in effect saying that Blacks need actions by Whites to succeed.

Trump has been sent by God (06:20)

Mason Weaver uses the Biblical story of Gideon to shed light on the need for prayer, and the victory of Donald Trump.

Mason Weaver Videos

Mason Weaver: Tribalism (21:31)

Mason Weaver describes his transformation from an innocent youth to an angry young adult and finally to an emancipated mature adult. He discusses the Black Left’s use of tribalism to oppress fellow Blacks.

Poverty-Pimp Obama – From Crisis to Control – Clarence Weaver (19:21)

In this interview, motivational speaker and entrepreneur Mason Weaver describes how the Democrats are only interested in creating and managing crises for votes, never to solve problems. He seeks for an America free of the government plantation, with Americans unified, an no hyphenations to promote differences.

The Power of Forgiveness, by Mason Weaver (9:26)

Mason Weaver discusses his Christian conversion that changed his life from that filled with anger and revenge that allowed him to forgive the racist white man that cruelly injured him, and how he became a free man to follow his dreams, and to lead others to that same freedom.

What is the Role of Government by Mason Weaver at the BCS (23:51)

This is motivational speaker Mason Weaver’s speech at the 2013 Black Conservative Summit in which he discusses the proper role of government.

Mason Weaver on Fox and Friends (4:31)

Motivational speaker and radio talk host Mason Weaver discuss Rep. Joe Wilson’s outburst (“You Lie”) at President Obama’s speech on Health Care before congress.

Mason Weaver: PC Madness on Campus (6:42)

Author and motivational speaker Mason Weaver discusses the lack of actual education on contemporary university campuses. He made the transition from a Black Panther at UC-Berkley to a political and cultural conservative via a Christian conversion.

A bit about Mason! Then Leave the Plantation (6:41)

In this video blog edition, Mason Weaver gives a brief summary of his journey from anger and revenge to freedom. He encourages others in the Black community to do the same.

My response to the Dallas shooting Part 1 of 2 (3:40)

My Response to the Dallas shooting Part 2 of 2 (3:19)

In these two video blog editions, Mason Weaver discusses the proper manner for Blacks to interact with police, in the context of the early July 2016 shootings.

BLACK FOLKS! Leave the Plantation! (5:54)

In this video blog edition, Mason Weaver urges the Black community to cease their support of the Democrat party.

Black Men should declare themselves free….and act like it (12:38)

In this video blog edition, Mason Weaver discusses how North American slavery differed from other version of slavery worldwide, and the impact on the soul of the slaves. He then points out that in today’s Black underclass there is a reversion to the slave mentality, and that there is a way to personal freedom.

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