AlfonZo Rachel

AlfonZo Rachel is a musican and martial arts instructor who founded Macho Sauce Productions to create right-minded entertainment. His popular rapid-fire rants, originally self-produced on YouTube, have now found a home on PJTV.

“ZoNation” is part rant, part theatrical shorts; it provides commentary on politics and social issues. Not afraid to call out liberals on their backward thinking and often hypocritical behavior, AlfonZo Rachel tells it straight … and he’s not shy about it either.

Website: ZoNation


Runaway Slave: Run from tyranny to liberty

ZoNation: |Meet Maxine Waters-larvae (Youtube name: MsMaxy74) (5:48)
ZoNation: |Zo Smacks Down Anti-Capitalist, ‘YouTube’ Liberal (4:45)
AlfonZo Rachel: |Examining Black Loyalty to Democrats
Repu-BLACK-in: Putting the Black Back In Republican (3:37)
Black men named Trayvon get killed all the time but the left doesn’t care (7:38)
Black Genocide (1): GOP Protects God Given Rights – Dems Protect Government (4:29)
Black Genocide (2): The Democrats Institutionalized Racism (4:41)
Abortion Outrage: Zo Explains the Difference Between Rights and Food Stamps (3:20)
on Common in the Wizzy Hizzy (9:18)
investigates Occupy Wall Street (11:37)
Herman Cain is black and he doesn’t smoke crack (5:55)
Privileged, white kids dominate Occupy Wall Street (2:34)
Time to lower the Confederate flag (5:11)
The left’s blitz to sack Tim Tebow’s faith (3:45)
How Republicans make liberals hate Capitalism (4:00)
eviscerates Juan Williams over “code words” (3:43)
Black History Month just another form of segregation (3:50)
GOP has let Democrats define them (4:22)
Liberals, raping, and high oil prices (4:43)

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