Prominent anti-Jihadists are found in both the US and Europe, and there are many that could be featured in this blog. A representative few are included because they articulate especially well the politically incorrect views held by most anti-Jihadists.

One aspect they all hold in common is that they operate under constant threat of attack from Jihadists. In some cases, they live under armed protection 24/7.

The most common term used by the left to marginalize and demonize these people is “neo-Fascist”. But using normal objective (as opposed to relativistic, politically correct) logic, that label doesn’t fit, because these people are all pro-Jewish and pro-Israel, and none of them advocate the expansion of national sovereignty such as with Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy during WWII. To the extent that they are anti-immigrant it is due to the supremacist goals of many of the Muslims in their midst. In all cases, they are supportive of non-supremacist Muslims, who assimilate within the culture of their host countries.

Here are the profiled people:

Andy McCarthy

Pamela Geller

Robert Spencer

Geert Wilders

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