This page contains links to reviews of books, public presentations, and other media, as they relate to Christianity.


Evangelicals Engaging Emergent: A Discussion of the Emergent Church Movement”, Edited by William D. Henard and Adam W. Greenway (2009)

A book of essays by a variety of writers concerning the Emergent Church movement within evangelical Christianity. Amazon link.

Deep Church: A Third Way Beyond Emerging and Traditional”, Jim Belcher (2009)

This book seeks to find middle ground between the emerging church movement and the pushback from traditional evangelicals. Amazon link.

Public Presentations

Brian McLaren in Boston – April 6, 2011

Emergent Church leader Brian McLaren appeared at Trinity Episcopal Church in Boston, MA. Brian McLaren website.

Rob Bell in Boston – May 25, 2011

Emergent Church pastor Rob Bell appeared at Trinity Episcopal Church in Boston, MA. Rob Bell website.


Convergence of Emergent Church and the New Apostolic Reformation? Unlikely

An essay written in response to several articles posted on the internet that suggested that the Emergent Church movement and the New Apostolic Reformation were on converging paths.

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