Important Players – Traditionalists

D. A Carson

  • Formerly founding dean of Northwest Baptist Theological School in Vancouver
  • Research professor at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
  • Prolific author or editor of 57 books
  • “Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church” (2005) important EC “push-back” book

 Commenting on Brian McLaren:

“It’s not because he [McLaren] doesn’t want to give any answer at all, it’s because he wants to give answers that are fuzzy. That is his intent. It’s not because he is a clever diplomat who is trying to avoid the toughest questions by using ambiguous answers of a diplomatic cast, but everybody who understands the language knows what he really means. He really does want all of these edges taken away. He wants to avoid what he perceives to be the angularity of confessional truth. And he’s very good at dancing around.…At the end of the day, [he seems to avoid] some of the angularities of the Bible itself….Brian is so careful to dance around the edges that he’s shrewd enough not to come into the position where he simply says, “I know that’s what the Bible says, and I disbelieve it.” At some point, when a person does that, then categories like “heresy” are appropriate categories.” (ref)

John Piper

  • Pastor for Preaching and Vision of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis
  • Author of numerous books
  • Founder of Desiring God Ministries, daily radio program
  • Heavy emphasis on the objective and absolute nature of truth
  • Critic of the Emergent Church Movement

Commenting on a lunch conversation that he had with Tony Jones, at that time the national coordinator of Emergent Village:

“I just kinda kept going back on my heels, like, I don’t understand the way these guys think, and so there are profound epistemological differences – ways of processing reality – that make the conversation almost impossible; just kind of going by each other. My question sort of is, how profitable would it be to press on with that when your worldviews seem to be so different and your ways of knowing seem to be different, the function of knowledge in transformation, what the goals of transformation are – all those are so different that I’m not sure we would get anywhere.” (ref)

Ken Silva

  • Pastor Connecticut River Baptist Church, Claremont, NH
  • Founder of Apprising Ministries website
  • Editor, Christian Research Network website
  • Extensive blogger as critic of the Emergent Church Movement

Commenting on some blog postings that he has written on the EC movement:

“In posts like ‘Brian McLaren Continues To Blunder’ and ‘Dissention Growing Around The Emerging Church’ here at Apprising Ministries I’m showing you that Progressive Christianity aka liberal theology will be showing up more and more around the circles of the sinfully ecumenical Emerging Church aka Emergent Church—that morphed into Emergence Christianity—(EC). It’s a reimagined (post) form of it i.e. Liberalism 2.0 particularly in the mystic myths of EC guru Brian McLaren, heretical EC pastor Doug Pagitt, and his equally heretical “theologian in residence” Tony Jones.” (ref)

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2 comments to Important Players – Traditionalists

  • I attend an AOG church, I have now been going to for almost thirty years. We’ve had 6 or seven pastor changes, first two being of a 10 year tenure each. It took a year of waiting for a replacement pastor for the last two. The church was very good and distinctly AOG, very exciting and the word of God was preached accurately. We’ve had some name changes the last few years and with the current pastor who has been with us for the last four years has been introducing in his preaching about the love of God for us, the congregation and biblical family structure etc. His preaching has not progressed however and he never speaks of prophecy and end times. He preaches very soft soap messages and never on the subject of sin. Almost every Sunday he refers to books by Brian McLaren, Peter Foster Brennan Manning etc. I am aware that these authors align to emerging church movement. No one in the church seems to be noticing or saying anything, that we are being taken by stealth. Would you like to comment?

  • Dick

    It’s sad to hear of your church, once filled with the proclamation from the pulpit of the full Gospel and now denigrating to feel-good, non-confrontive pep-talks. It of course is happening everywhere within the evangelical and charismatic movements, and whole denominations are being split in two between the emergents and the non-emergents. And part of the sadness is that the problem is not just the pastor or the AOG hierarchy who participate in the placement of pastors, it’s the fact that many (most?) in your congregation apparently do not sense what is going on nor share your concerns.
    A big question I’m thinking is what to do about it? Clearly the first thing is to pray: God is faithful, and He is grieved by the diluting of the true Gospel, and He will give you His leading, you can depend on that. He may lead you to confront – in meekness of spirit, but in clarity – or He may have other plans. Whatever, HOW you go about dealing with this is very important, in my opinion.
    To me, the Emergent church movement is at its root a principalities and powers issue, as described in Ephesians 6:12. At the human level, it would seem to be a conscious attack on Biblically-based Christianity, in part to accomplish “this world” goals. It stems out of post-modernism, which itself comes ultimately from Marxist thinking and the Cultural Marxism project. In order to “convert” the culture to accept a totalitarian, socialistic, state-dominated form of government, the most important impediment to achieving the Cultural Marxist’s utopia has been Christianity.
    The Cultural Marxists may have begun their thinking an scheming in the 1920’s, but they really descended upon our culture in the 1960’s, and it took until the 1990’s to penetrate the evangelical and charismatic movements, but now it’s happened there as well, with the divisions that are now out in the open and deepening.
    There are a few denominations that have weathered this storm fairly well, one being the Calvary Chapel movement.
    Your comment is very timely for me personally, because I have allowed this blog to lie dormant for several years while focusing on other issues in another blog. However I am about to make major updates to this blog; I logged onto WordPress to do some work on it, and there was your comment, freshly posted!

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