Important Players – Doctrine-friendly

Tim Keller

  • Founding pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, Manhattan
  • Author of best-selling “The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism”
  • Shuns the label “evangelical” but believes in personal conversion and authority of the Bible
  • Since 2001, has helped plant more than 100 churches around the world

 Commenting on problems in evangelizing people of a post-modern mindset:

“First there is a truth problem.  All claims of truth are seen not as that which corresponds to reality but primarily as constraints aimed to siphon power off toward the claimer.  Second, there’s a guilt problem.  Though guilt was mainly seen as a neurosis in the modern era, it was still considered a problem.  Almost all older gospel presentations assume an easily accessed sense of guilt and moral shortcomings in the listener.  But today that is increasingly absent.  Third, there is now a meaning problem.  Today there’s enormous skepticism that texts and words can accurately convey meaning.” (ref)

Mark Driscoll

  • One of the original Leadership Network members
  • Dropped out to focus on family, church
  • Mars Hill mega-church in Seattle
  • Reformed theology, rigorous Complimentarian
  • Critical of more extreme emergents
  • Highly visible, controversial style

 Assessing the future of the liberal lane of the Emerging Church:

“As the lane of the Emergent Liberals becomes its own highway that goes in a different doctrinal direction than historical orthodox Christianity, more and more evangelicals will turn around in order to drive in one of the three other lanes of the emerging church. It seems inevitable, though I am no prophet, that the Emergent Liberal lane of the emerging church will continue to drift away from a discussion about how to contextualize timeless Christian truth in timely cultural ways to an interfaith dialogue with less and less distinction between the religions of the world and the deity of Jesus Christ.  This is already encouraged by the teachings of McLaren, who said, “Jesus did not come to create another exclusive religion,” and, “I don’t hope all Jews or Hindus will become members of the Christian religion.  But I do hope all who feel so called will become Jewish or Hindu followers of Jesus. […]” [Driscoll:] Since Jews do not believe Jesus is God, Hindus believe there are more than a million gods, and Jesus said He is the only God, it is inconceivable that one simultaneously could be a faithful follower of Jesus and a practicing devotee of any religion but Christianity.” (ref)

  Scot McKnight

  • Karl A. Olsson Professor in Religious Studies at North Park University
  • Authority on the New Testament, early Christianity, and the historical Jesus
  • Prolific author of 30 books
  • JesusCreed blog provides extensive commentary on the EC

 Concluding remarks at a panel discussion on the EC:

My heart is with 20-somethings…..I preach the gospel and I see between 10 and 20 kids (college-age) become Christians and give their life to Christ every year…. I preach the gospel and I preach orthodoxy and I believe it is important to defend orthodoxy….I believe that we have to speak the gospel to 20-somethings with an urgency today that we have never seen in American history.” (ref)

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