Workshop Resources – Websites

Given in the following are links to a variety of websites that feature conservative thought. In the case of the first two — and – links are also provided to leftist-oriented content which is deemed important for conservatives to be aware of.

Hot Air is a conservative news aggregation site that is updated throughout the day. Some links go directly to other sites while others contain text commentary. Hot Air sometimes provides links to non-conservative articles that are important for conservatives to be aware of.

The Drudge Report provides a great number of links on its home page. While the website has a conservative bent, it provides links to many articles dealing with progressive orientation, along with non-political links. It is update fairly regularly throughout the day.

The Right Scoop is a conservative news aggregation site that focuses largely on video, with commentary. It tends to only post pro-conservative articles and videos.

Breitbart News actually is a collection of related portals, focusing on conservative articles and videos. It is updated to a degree throughout the day.

National Review Magazine was founded by William F. Buckley, and the current online continues to explore issues from a conservative viewpoint. The content is almost exclusively textual, with a staff of writers that post on a regular schedule.

Pajamas TV was created by Hollywood writer Roger Simon to support left-right dialog, but all the leftist contributors dropped out. PJ-TV has a group of regular contributors of both text and video, including Bill Whittle, Andrew Klavan, Alfonzo Rachel and Roger Simon. Its postings are exclusively conservative.

The website of Edward S. (Ned) May a.k.a. Baron Bodissey. It focuses on issues related to Islam in Europe and features translated articles and subtitled videos for media not in English. Articles tend to be long and content-rich, and are anti-Marxist in orientation. When something related to Islam breaks out in Europe, this is an excellent site to obtain information not found elsewhere. The Baron operates out of rural Virginia.

Author of American Betrayal and Death of the Grown-up, her website tends to focus on anti-Marxist and anti-progressive thought. Always perceptive and well-expressed.

This is the news aggregation website of Star Parker’s Center for Urban Development and Education (C.U.R.E.). It contains both videos and articles, and there are a group of Black Conservative writers that make weekly contributions to the site.

This is Glenn Beck’s website, and contains articles and videos with a strongly conservative orientation. It is modestly updated throughout the day.

Bill Whittle also has a sizable presence on Youtube and with

Similar to Bill Whittle. A lot of humor in his Youtube videos.

Black Conservative video blogger – “Zonation”. Humor and anti-leftist rants.

Youtube presence as well. Often humor.

Incisive articles. Originator of

Ben Shapiro radio show. Also many Youtube videos.


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