Workshop Resources – Videos

In the following are provided links to a variety of videos that provide and introduction to Cultural Marxism, political correctness, and the negative impact of leftist policy.

Bill Whittle: The Narrative (13:08)

A brief introduction is provided to the Frankfurt School and cultural Marxism by conservative journalist and PJTV participant Bill Whittle.

William Lind: Cultural Marxism (22:27)

An elaboration on the Frankfurt Scholl and cultural Marxism is provided by a variety of voices including conservatives William Lind and David Horowitz, and Leftist Berkley historian Martin Jay.

Brainwashing of the West by the Left (5:08)

A portion of the 1984 interview of KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov entitled “Deception Was My Game”.

Diana West ‘American Betrayal’ at Politics and Prose Bookstore DC (36:29)

Diana West talks about her 2013 book, “American Betrayal” at the DC area Politics and Prose bookstore.

Melanie Phillips: Why We Have Lost Objective Truth (15:08)

A speech on multiculturalism as applied to Islam in the UK by journalist Melanie Phillips, author of the recent books, “Londonistan” and “The World Turned Upside Down”.

Allen West Owns White Reporter (3:59)

A reporter asks about Allen West’s characterization of a number of US Congressman as “communists”.

Janice Fiamengo, PhD. Political Correctness in Academia (6:29)

Political Correctness in Canadian universities. Also, see her Studio Brule Youtube channel. She is an anti-feminist.

Ben Shapiro: Indiana and the Gay Rights Lie (5:24)

Ben Shapiro exposes the political bullying of the left.

Mark Steyn on Multiculturalism (8:03)

Part of a panel discussion, Mark Steyn gives some insight into the illogic of multiculturalism.

Star Parker at the Black Conservative Summit (30:38)

Star Parker’s speech at the 2013 Black Conservative Summit.

 Walter E. Williams – Common Sense (9:06)

Assorted political and cultural commentary from economist Walter E. Williams of George Mason University.

Cultural Imperialism – the Sexual Rights Agenda (32:22)

This video documents the damage caused by Gay Rights activists who control the so-called “fight” against HIV/AIDS in developing countries. The actual battle –led by the UN and the US government — is to ensure that these countries do not restrict the free expression of LGBT behavior. As a result, infection rates in these countries are rising.   The current administration prides itself on being the most pro-LGBT in US history.



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