Feminism Exposed DVD

The videos on this DVD are samples from Dr. Janice Fiamengo who is a Canadian Professor, since 2009 in the Department of English at the University of Ottawa. She is a declared anti-feminist, defender of freedom speech and campaigner for the right to dissent.

Why I Am An Anti-Feminist – The Fiamengo File, Episode 1 (11:58)

Must-see video, explaining the concerns that Professor Fiamengo has with academic Feminism.

Janice Fiamengo, PhD. Political Correctness in Academia (6:29)

Dr. Fiamengo provides examples of political correctness intolerance on some Canadian campuses. Of course she’s just addressing the tip of the iceberg.

Institutions of Higher Indoctrination (34:16)

Very disturbing examples of hyper-fanatic opposition to any speech opposing the Feminist narratives.

The Safe Space Ploy – Fiamengo File Episode 5 (9:10)

Janice Fiamengo discusses university safe spaces as actually centers of power in suppressing politiclly incorrect speech. She correlates this with Herbert Marcuse’s “Repressive Tolerance.”

The Monstrous Male Gaze – Fiamengo File Episode 6 (12:05)

Janice Fiamengo discusses the absurd actions by Feminists to “criminalize” a man looking at a woman.

Feminism Wants Your Soul – The Fiamengo File, Episode 8 (10:36)

Janice Fiamengo reveals the debilitating damage that Feminism can create for men who come into contact with it.

The Man-Shaming Project – The Fiamengo File Episode 11 (14:09)

Janice Fiamengo laments the man-shaming produced by the Feminist movement.

Women In The Military – The Fiamengo File Episode 13 (10:06)

Janice Fiamengo discusses the issue of women in the military, dealing with strength, courage, and actual effectiveness or lack thereof.


The Revolutionary Stupid Movement – TFF Episode 25 (12:47)

Anti-feminist Janice Fiamengo exposes the anti-intellectual behavior of progressive student radicals on Canadian university campuses.

Feminism, A Victim Mentality Disorder – TFF Episode 29 (17:49)

And expose of the extreme sense of victimhood taught to female students by zealous Feminist faculty.

Gad Saad interview of Janice Fiamengo – Conclusion (8:53)

Conclusion of Janice Fiamengo interview by politically incorrect evolutionary behavioral scientist Gad Saad. They conclude that Feminism will not autocorrect, and that cultural decline will ultimately devolve into violence.

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