Workshop Resources

This page provides resources applicable to the presentation entitled “Political Correctness – Controlling the Culture”. There are links below to videos, web articles, books and websites. These links are not exhaustive but rather examples of what is available for delving more deeply into these matters.

Workshop Videos

Links are provided to a collection of videos dealing with the origins of political correctness and its manifestations within our culture.

Black Conservative Videos

Sample videos of 15 prominent Black Conservatives, many unfortunately who are virtually unknown in the Black Community. One characteristic that they all possess is that they have transcended victimhood.

Intelligent Design Videos

A group of videos presenting aspects of the Intelligent Design viewpoint of the origins of life.

Workshop Articles

A series of internet articles mostly focusing on the origins of political correctness.

Workshop Books

A sampling of books that provide great insight on the origins of political correctness and the negative effect that progressivism has had in our society.

Workshop Websites

A sampling of websites that provide up-to-date information on various aspects of the negative impact of progressivism and the pushback from those with a conservative world view.

The powerpoint presentation for “Political Correctness – Controlling the Culture” is available in two formats:

Full page slides

6up handouts

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