Black Conservative Articles

Damage to the Black Comminuty Caused by the Left

The Black Family: 40 Years of Lies

This is a very thorough article, tracing the consequences in the Black community of the rejection of the 1965 Moynihan report on the relationship of poverty to the breakdown in the family.

Victims of the Left: Black Americans

A very thorough report detailing the many ways that the Left has victimized Black Americans. Extensive quotes from writers such as John McWhorter and Shelby Steele.

Thomas Sowell: Liberalism vs. Blacks

An article tracing the negative effects that liberalism has had on the Black community.

NAACP Furthers Mission of KKK

Lloyd Marcus: Stop making excuses for your black idol

Black America: Stop The Insanity!

Sample Lloyd Marcus columns, each exploring aspects of the damage caused by continuing unquestioning support by the Black community of Leftist politicians.

The State Against Blacks: Interview with Walter Williams

Libertarian economics professor Walter E. Williams details the variety of ways that governmental policy has hurt the Black community.

Black Liberation Theology

Beck’s ‘Obsession’ with Black Liberation Theology Thoroughly Justified

A thorough exploration of James Cone’s Black Liberation Theology and the damage that it has done within the Black community.

Anthony Bradley: The Marxist Roots of Black Liberation Theology

Dr. Bradley details the convergence of Black Liberation Theology with Marxism, and how it is antithetical to genuine Christianity

Radical Islam and Black Liberation Theology

This essay draws comparison between Black Liberation Theology and radical Islam.

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