Anti-Jihad Articles

Dangers of Jihadist Islam

The Muslim Brotherhood’s “General Strategic Goal” for North America

This article on the Discover the Networks website not only discusses the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood, but also provides a sizable number of links to descriptions of a variety of important fronts for the MB in the US, such as ISNA, MSA, NAIT and IIIT.

The Islamist Multi-staged Strategy for Victory Over the West

This article addresses the strategy that supremacist Islamists are using to overtake the West. Sadly, very few in the West have been paying attention.

Geert Wilders: A Warning to America

An important heads-up to America from one of the leading European anti-Jihadists. Geert Wilders has been under 24/7 protection because of the strong anti-Islamist stance he has taken in the Netherlands and around the world.

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