Early March Observations

Included in this early March webpage are several groups of videos.

The first group – all featuring Juan O. Savin – deal with the possible reinstatement of Trump as POTUS by the US military.

The second group provides an introduction to Scott McKay, a person who seems to span the gap between Truthers and Christians. The first video in the group provides his amazing escape from death, and his will to live.

The third group addresses additional election-related issues.

The four set of videos deal with non-election realities: Intelligence Design, and exposing Critical Race Theory.

Finally, a link is provided to the Bitchute channel of Janet Ossebaard, containing a sizable number of videos exposing the world-wide Cabal, and hopefully leading to its fall. The evil addressed in many of these videos is deeply unsettling.

Juan O. Savin in Early March

There’s a lot of redundancy in these three videos. Check out at least the first one.

Juan O Savin and Sean Stone Amazing Interview (50:40)

Juan O Savin Expands On The Coming Expected Sequence Of Events with Laura E and David R (1:31:60)


Scott McKay – Truther, Christian

3.1.21 Scott McKay Interviewed by Robert David Steele. ‘Where Do You Come From’ (54:44)

His Glory – Take Five – CirstenW., Scott McKay, Intel 03-01-2021 (1:26:04)

You tuber channel ‘His Glory’ Chats with patriot streetfighter. Scott McKay. (1:22:48)

A Couple Election-Related Videos

How to Steal an Election (01:08)

#Unrig Explodes With Steele And Mckinney’s Nationwide Tour While Federal Lawsuit Explodes (32:28)

A Couple Non-Election Videos

Dr. Stephen Meyer Return of the God Hypothesis (40:24)

Critical Race Theory War James Lindsay Allie Stuckey Christopher Rufo ROUNDTABLE Rubin Report (40:32)

Janet Ossebaard Bitchute Channel dealing with Fall Cabal

FallCabal Bitchute Channel

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