Political Correctness Primer – Part 3 – Concepts and Actions

This is the third part of a series of postings dealing with political correctness. In Part 1, the historical background of political correctness was outlined, and in Part 2, the various components of the implementation were explored.

In this part, some concepts and actions within our culture and political landscape are addressed and critiqued.  Note that this posting is an open thread, with the possibility of additional concepts and actions being discussed in the future.

Part 3a: Critique of Politically Correct Concepts

There are several concepts related to political correctness which need to be understood and exposed as diabolical.  The characteristic of all of them is that they are part of the plan to destroy Western Culture, and thus conform to the oppressor/oppressed model, where Judeo-Christianity and the traditional family are principal oppressors.

Note: there are areas of political correctness that are not addressed below such as capitalism, climate change, property rights, etc.  These are all important, but beyond the scope of this posting.

Postmodernism Ideology behind identity politics
Social Justice Catch-all phrase for Postmodern initiatives
Social Justice Warrior Front-line advocates for Postmodern initiatives
Identity Politics Group rather than individual
Feminism Postmodern view of women and men
Intersectionality Fractionation of victim groups
Gender and Social Constructionism Postmodern view of gender
Privilege Postmodernism states that people in Marxist oppressor groups are privileged
Multiculturalism Postmodern view of oppressor and victim cultures
Diversity Strengths and weaknesses of diversity
Equity Equal outcomes rather than equal opportunity
Unconscious Bias Training Unworkable technique widely used to supposedly change attitudes
Critical Theory Destructive criticism of the West
Logos Biblical and philosophical basis for Western Civilization


Part 3b: Critique of Politically Correct Activity

Given in the following is a discussion of how some important family-related issues are influenced and acted upon by political correctness.


Transgender Issues



Common Core

Religion in the Public Square

Free Speech and Hate Speech

This concludes Part 3.  Here are links to the other postings in this series:

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Part 2 Implementation
Part 3 Concepts and Actions (this posting)
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